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List Of Places To Visit Cappadocia

Cappadocia, which has a culture of thousands of years, has attained a rare natural structure thanks to the activities and weather events of the surrounding volcanoes millions of years ago. Thanks to its fascinating beauty, most of the historical and natural assets in the region, which resembles a fairy-tale land, have been included in the …


Paris Notre Dame Cathedral Travel Notes

It was founded on the Seine, in the middle of the Paris Basin.Residents of Paris are referred to as Parisien (what). Known all over the world for its monuments, artistic and cultural life, Paris is also an important city in world history, but is among the main economic and political centers and constitutes one of …


Prague Travel Guide: Important Travel Notes for Prague Trip

Prague Travel Guide: Detailed information, photos and advice on many important topics from places to visit in Prague, transportation, shopping, accommodation recommendations and hotel budgets for every budget, from local food to nightlife … Whether you are participating in Central European cultural tours, including Vienna and Budapest, or a flexible holiday program on your own, …