What is Bohem ?

The origin of the word bohemian is based on the word “La Boheme” which means “gypsy” in French. Inspired by the nomadic, free and traveler-spirited gypsy culture, Bohemian style reflects itself in many areas today.
It carries a crowded, colorful, lively and free decor pattern. We can even call it order within disorder.

How to Use Bohemian Style Colors ?

When we examine the bohemian style houses, it is seen that the country colors come together and create a great style. Because the bohemian style is inspired by gypsy culture, it includes vibrant, bright, matte, contrast colors. The harmony of differences energizes people.

How to Use Pattern in Bohemian Style ?

The use of patterns is mostly made with geometric shapes and natural prints. Textile products are preferred for covering furniture in bohemian style, blankets to be placed in the house, cushions and pillows. In other words, blankets of different colors with large flowers on a purple sofa support this style. You can reflect this style by using wallpapers of different patterns and sizes in your home. This image looks complicated to you and if you can’t give up the bohemian style, you can use dark colors instead of patterned paper.

Decor Products to Reflect Bohemian Style

You can choose furniture that can change places frequently while purchasing decor products according to the Bohemian style with a free spirit. You can create a comfortable area with pillows and pillows in the sitting group consisting of cushions. You can prepare a seating plan with a low coffee table and cushions, and by placing low chairs on the walls of the house, you can use your creativity as you wish and provide a comfortable look.
Bohemian home accessories look like they were bought from a local market in an exotic country. Home accessories that have a special meaning, story and experience are generally preferred. When decorating the bohemian style home, you can use accessories that have meaningful and story, such as family heirlooms or handmade items or objects you collect from travels.

*Become a Maximalist

For bohemian decoration style, it is the opposite of minimalism. While no unnecessary items are included in the minimalist and modern decoration style, you are free to display as many items as you want in the bohemian style! You can really think of a bohemian house as an art gallery where you showcase your personal belongings. What we mean here is to consciously put together items that have value to you rather than hoarding. Leave a mark all over your home; Freely display everything you love and collected over the years!

*Add Layers

Another golden rule for bohemian style home decoration is to create layers. Rugs and rugs used on top of each other, stacked cushions and covers add a bohemian character to your home. It also allows you to use different patterns and colors together.

*Decorate with Plants

The use of natural products in Bohemian style, inspired by the crowd and freedom of nature, is frequently used. You can add vitality to your home by creating a composition from many different types of plants. If you do not prefer large leaves that take a lot of space, you can also choose cactus varieties.

*Add Metals and Mirrors

Metallic surfaces and mirrors, which are distinguishing features of bohemian decoration, make your living room look more spacious than it is.