Prague Travel Guide: Detailed information, photos and advice on many important topics from places to visit in Prague, transportation, shopping, accommodation recommendations and hotel budgets for every budget, from local food to nightlife …

Whether you are participating in Central European cultural tours, including Vienna and Budapest, or a flexible holiday program on your own, you will have the opportunity to see Prague . architecture, mystical atmosphere and colorful entertainment life. In order to get to know all these features of the capital of the Czech Republic , it is necessary to do a thorough research before the trip. In this case, I prepared starting from Prague guidebookcan obtain detailed information about the city within, you can make your holiday much more enjoyable.

What will you find in the Prague travel guide article?

  • Prague Travel Guide: General Information : Prague history, population, social structure, language Prag
  • When to Visit Prague Weather in Prague, popular festivals…
  • Where to Stay in Prague : Places to stay, hotel recommendations…
  • Places to visit in Prague : things to do…
  • What to do in Prague : Activities to be done in the city…
  • Transportation in Prague : Airport city center transportation, city transportation araç
  • Prague City Card: Prague Card : Public transport ticket prices, cards …
  • Shopping in Prague : Famous shopping streets, shopping malls, souvenirs…
  • Food and Drink in Prague : Local food, restaurants…
  • Prague Nightlife : General information and information about popular nightclubs.
  • More Cities Near Prague : Information about Brno, Karlovy Vary etc.…
  • Prague Hotel Deals Location and current prices for hotels on the map

Prague Travel Guide: General Information

History of Prague: As a result of the excavations carried out, it was understood that the first settlements started in the Paleolithic Age and the region where Prague was located was called Celtic.

Celts settled in Závist which is one of the suburbs of the city today . From the 1st centuryonwards it was gradually expelled from the region by German tribes. During the Migration of Peoples, which took place immediately after the collapse of the Western Roman Empire, these tribes moved to the west and left the region to the Slavic communities.

Between the 6th and 8th centuries , Slavic communities established settlements in various parts of the region, including defense structures. Prague Castle , which is the most magnificent structure of the city today , started to be built at the end of the 9th century .

As Bohemia became a kingdom later on, the city continued its development. Even in the 14th century IV. After Charles became the Holy Roman Emperor and King of Bohemia, Prague became an imperial capital and became the 3rd largest city in Europe after Rome and Istanbul.

IV. After Charles’ death, Bohemia was marked by a long period of disagreements and wars. In 1526 , the succession of Ferdinand I of the Habsburg Dynasty slowed down this process to some extent. However, after the eruption of the events that led to the 30 Years War, peace was once again replaced by chaos.

In 1848 , with the influence of the revolutionary movement affecting all of Europe, the rise of nationalist movements became the capital of Czechoslovakia, which was founded in place of the Austro-Hungarian Empire which was destroyed after the First World War.

With the rise of the newly established country, the city developed its industry and increased its population . He spent World War II under Nazi occupation, followed by the Cold War, under Soviet Russia.

The Velvet Revolution that erupted in 1989 led to the breakup of Czechoslovakia, while Prague became the capital of the newly established Czech Republic.

Population & Society:  Over 1 million 300 thousand people live in the capital, which stands out with its cultural aspect. Most of the population does not belong to any belief system. Nearly a quarter of the people of Prague are Christian.

While the presence of different nationalities adds diversity to the city in terms of spoken language, Czech is the dominant language in official affairs and everyday life.

Transportation:  Turkish Airlines and Pegasus direct flights from Turkey to the city, which is considered one of the most popular holiday destinations on the continent. There are also regular train services to the city from many parts of Europe. If you are on holiday in Central Europe, you can prefer a more comfortable train ride instead of a bus.

If you want to get more insight into the city’s transportation options, you can find all the information you need “ Where is Prague? How to get to Prague? Yazım by reading our article.

When to Visit Prague

After discussing the history, population structure and transportation methods from abroad within the scope of the Prague travel guide, it came to explain the most suitable periods for travel, one of the most important issues.

Located in Central Bohemia, the city has the effects of continental climate throughout theyear . In winter, the temperature is around 0 ° C and snowfall is common. During this period, Prague provides a romantic atmosphere for the couples thanks to the white covering. If you travel to the city during the calm winter season, you can have the opportunity to attend the Prague Winter Festival and the European Film Days in January .

At the beginning of March, when the nature started to come to life, the Bohemian Carnival, which was dominated by cultural activities , and the Easter Day celebrations increased the interest in the city. In May, when it began to feel influential in the summer, the city hosts a 17-day Czech Beer Festival , where 120 different varieties can be tried .

If you want to get to know Prague’s famous nightlife and enjoy the popular attractions during your holiday, like many travelers, you can choose the summer season . In the city, where the average temperature rises to 24 ° C, cultural events organized in these months become music-especially jazz-themed.

Where to Stay in Prague Hotel Recommendations

One of the favorite stops of Central European cultural tours, you can easily find the hotel option for all budgets and tastes in 10 districts in Prague’s city center. However, if you want your facility to be close to public transportation, places to visit, shopping and entertainment facilities, I recommend you to concentrate on 3 regions.

The Old Town Square and its surroundings, or Stare Mesto in the local language , is the first of the accommodation areas I would recommend. 4 ★ Hotel UNIC Prague and 5 ★ Grandior Hotel Prague are within walking distance of many of the city  most popular attractions.

4 ★ Appia Hotel Residences is located in Mala Strana District , 15-20 minutes walk from Old Town Square. You can even take the subway or tram if you don’t want to exert effort. Even though the area is still dull in terms of nightlife, it is one of the best places to get to know the city culture and take photos.

If you prefer to be close to entertainment, you can choose from hotels in Nove Mestro . The region, which offers affordable hotels as well as luxury options, is extremely rich in terms of transportation. 3 ★ Bed & Books Art Hotel and 5 ★ Radisson Blu Alcron Hotel are just two of the hotels I recommend in this area.

Hotel Reservation: In my own travels, I make my reservationthrough , themost famous and reliable booking site on the internet. You can make your payment at the hotel according to your booking option, and in case of any problems, you can cancel your reservation until 24 hours before your stay. Click here to see all hotels in Prague on .

If you would like to know more about the hotel and accommodation areas I mentioned in the Prague travel guide, you can take a look at the topics below.

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Places to Visit in Prague

You can start your trip in Prague with many architecturally dazzling historical buildings from the Old Town Square , surrounded by the Astronomical Clock and Old Town Hall, Tyn Church , Jan Hus Monument, Kinsky Palace .

You can cross the Charles Bridge and visit the Prague Castle , the most important landmark of the city .

The Klementinum is another important building that is as big as the castle and contains details worth seeing. You can also add the Gunpowder Gate and the National Museum of Prague to your travel list to learn more about the city .

You can include Mala Strana and Josefov on your travel listto get an idea of ​​the lifestyles of minorities that have an important place in the history of the capital, with interesting details such as the Dancing House and the John Lenon Wall .

To see the impressive city view, you can go to Petrin Hill with an observation tower built on the Eiffel Tower or the green roofed dome of St. Niklaus Church which is among the most impressive examples of Baroque architecture .

If you travel to Prague in summer, you can choose Kampa Island on the Devil Creek branch of the Vlata River to enjoy the sun and find peace .

You can find detailed information and photos about the places I mentioned in this section of the Prague travel guide in our article titled “ Prague Attractions ”.

What to do in Prague

Thanks to its vibrant history where it interacts with different cultures, Prague offers a wide range of opportunities for its guests to enjoy. You can start enjoying these opportunities in this city, which has the best examples from music to architecture, from gastronomy to handicrafts:

  • Visit the buildings that shed light on the history of the city.
  • Visit the cathedrals and churches, considered unique examples of Gothic architecture.
  • Check out the valuable collections in museums, the meeting point of art and history.
  • Sit on a bench on Petrin Hill and enjoy the exquisite view.
  • Take a closer look at David Cerny’s sculptures that add authenticity to the city.
  • See Baby Jesus and the Dancing House.
  • Stroll through the streets of the Old Town and take lots of photos.
  • Try to find the statue of Sigmund Freud.
  • Head to Zivkov to enjoy the vibrant nightlife.
  • Watch traditional puppet shows.
  • Be sure to sample a few types of beer before leaving the city.

To find out more about the items on my list that will make your job easier kolaylaştır What to do in Prague? List of Things to Do in Prague ”

 Tour Reservations:  Prague is a very touristic and popular city. Tickets for activities in the city can sometimes be sold out days in advance. For this reason, I recommend that you buy the entrance tickets of the important places on the internet before your visit and register for the related tours. Iuse the Getyourguide site onmy own travels. Click here to see and book the most popular tours in Prague.

Transportation in Prague

There are many options available to travelers in Prague for transportation from the airport to the city center and within the city. While most of these options attract attention with their economical prices, some of them stand out with their comfort and speed advantages.

After arriving at Václav Havel Airport through Turkish Airlines and Pegasus flights departing from Istanbul , Airport Express is one of the options you can choose to go to the city center . Apart from these vehicles, which operate under the supervision of Czech Railways, you can also prefer the city buses that operate day and night.

 Airport Private Transfer:  You can easily reach the city center by private transfers, click here:  Prague Airport: Private Transfer (Duration: 30 Minutes, Starting from 26.95 Euro)

If you are more tempted to receive personalized service, you can use the airport transfer service of the hotel you booked or evaluate the offers of companies such as Prague Airport Transfer, Prague Airport Shuttle and Fix Taxi.

If the hotel is located in the city ​​center, you can easily reach anywhere on foot . If you are looking for a quick transportation option, you can prefer a taxi or metro, or take the tram if you want to enjoy the unique texture of the city. The city bus is the ideal means of transportation for those who take part in your sightseeing program in the suburbs of Prague.

If you don’t want to waste time making plans to travel from one place to another in Prague, which is rich in places to visit, you  can join the 24 and 48 hour tours of Hop On Hop Offbuses. There are a total of 23 stops on the 2 tour routes, where blue and red colors are given. Information on important structures on the routes of buses is provided in 23 different languages. Guests can enjoy a 1-hour boat ride on the Vlata River at no cost.

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Prague City Discount Card: Prague Card

As with any holiday destination, the establishment of an intensive visit program for Prague means that a larger share of the travel budget is allocated to entrance fees and transportation. Particularly challenging for travelers who do not have a very large budget, the way to get out of this situation is to buy Prague Card .

You can enter more than 50 tourist spots and museums in the city, take advantage of the airport transfer services by public transportation system, and participate in 2-hour bus trips with the advantage of the card, which provides advantages for 2 days or longer holidays. You may also be entitled to a discount at many points and you will not have to wait in line at the entrance to the popular tourist spots.

The city discount card is offered to travelers in 2, 3 and 4-day options . Where is it valid? Prices ”.

 Buy:   You can also buy your Prague Card online, click here:  Prague City Card: 2-Day, 3-Day or 4-Day (Starting price 58 Euro)

Shopping in Prague

You can easily understand the richness of cultural accumulation in Prague over the centuries when shopping. In the shops on the streets and in the shopping centers, you can easily find all kinds of household goods, gifts, wooden toys besides the clothing products.

Street markets with a unique atmosphere, as well as delicacies that will delight gastronomy enthusiasts, collections from the Communist Era are also included.

Celetna and Na Prikope are the most popular shopping streets , opening to the Old Town Square in Prague, where travelers from non-EU countries are eligible for tax refunds for purchases of CZK 2,000 or more . If you are interested in musical instruments, ceramics and glassware, bags and wallets, you can also visit the Lucerna Passage, which connects Vodicka and Stepanska.

The shopping centers in the Czech capital appeal to all age groups with their buildings compatible with local architecture and rich content. If you like to find everything you are looking for under one roof, Centrum Chodov , the largest shopping center in the city in terms of footprint, and Palladium, which combines entertainment options with shopping options, may be ideal for you.

The street markets , where you can find bargaining opportunities, are in a structure that does not look like shopping malls. Especially in the Prague and Havel markets, the product range comes to the forefront. In addition, these places offer numerous opportunities for guests who want to be in touch with local people and take photos.

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Food & Drink in Prague

Another rich content I will tell you in the Prague travel guide is food and drink. Austria and Hungary have a great deal of influence on food in the city, where you can taste the most delicious examples of Czech cuisine.

In addition to the local restaurants, Prague also offers Turkish, Italian, Indian and Chinese cuisine. Especially Mangal Restaurant, El Emir’s presence makes it easier for travelers who pay attention to halal food.

In Prague, where breakfast culture is similar to those in our country, restaurants generally open at 10.00-11.00. While the local people pay much attention to lunch, they prefer to eat light foods in the evening meals. Calissan prefers to consume the menus offered at restaurants between lunch times.

However, you can try Gulas, Kulajda, Svickova Na Smetane or Nakladany Hermelin to get to know the local cuisine . When you are hungry, you can eat snacks like Smažený Sýr, Grilované Klobásy, Chkebíčky and Bramboraky. You can satisfy your dessert needs with Ovocne Knedlinky.

 Tour Recommendation: You    can have a pleasant time by taking the tour called Medieval Dinner .

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Nightlife in Prague

In the Prague travel guide, it was time to tell the most curious subjects of the fun-loving travelers, namely nightlife. Nightlife in the city is alive throughout the year. However, the peak of the period between June and August is the period of 3 months.

The entertainment organized during this period is not limited to nightclubs and bars, but also to the streets through festivals. Moreover, the city has a variety of places in which everyone can enjoy the prices are quite affordable compared to many parts of Europe.

New City is the richest part of the city in terms of entertainment options . From the streets of the region to cocktail bars, night clubs, pubs to strip clubs, a wide range of waiting for you.

If you want a quiet start to the vibrant evening, you can choose from Double Trouble or The Dubliner . U SUDU , on the other hand, looks like a standard type pub, but it offers different types of entertainment on its 5 floors below.

If you like thematic entertainment venues, you may be interested in John Lennon Pub, Buddha, Bugsy’s Bar, Tretter’s and Hemingway Bar. If you like dance music of the 90s , you can choose Lucerna, or if you want to be happy with DJ performances, you can choose Roxy or Karlovy Kazne.

Other Cities Near Prague

If you decide to complete your itinerary and discover new places during your Prague holiday, you can give priority to the other Czech cities of Brno, Karlovy Vary and Plzen.

Brno , the capital of the Moravian region , is an architecturally complex but culturally rich city. In addition, the first light-lit theater is located here. Karlovy Vary , which means “Bath of Karlov de in our language , has gained fame with its thermal resources.

Plzen , which gives its name to a widely known beer type, manages to attract individuals interested in gothic architecture as well as gastronomy enthusiasts. Czech Railways, RegioJet and Leo Express offer the opportunity to travel to three cities at prices starting from 4 Euro.

 Daily Tours from Prague:   If you wish, you can also join the daily Karvloy tours from Prague, click here: Full Day Tour with Lunch in Prague at Karlovy Vary (65 Euro)

Apart from the cities within the Czech Republic, you can also take a train journey to Viennaand Budapest , two other cities of Central Europe as popular as Prague . You can find detailed information about the places to visit and accommodation possibilities of these two cities, which are prominent in the cultural and artistic fields, in our contents below.

Throughout the Prague travel guide article, I tried to share as much detailed information as I could, from shopping to transportation, accommodation to places to visit. If you have something to say that you should add the following information to the Prague travel guide article:

Prague City Center Hotels

You can see the location of the hotels in the city center on the map below. Prices shown are per night per night. You can click on the price boxes to get detailed information about the hotels and to make a reservation.