Thousands of years ago there were no religions like today. There was no philosophy based on logic. There was mythology, there were legends, and they were spoken word of mouth into a belief system that gave meaning to natural phenomena and shaped daily life.

Father Of Icarus: Daedalus

The meaning of the name Daedalus means “skillfully worked or processed”. This name was given to him because his hand is prone to all kinds of art. He is Kekrops, an architect from Athens known to be descended from the kings of Attica. He also created the living sculptures mentioned in the Plato’s dialogue Menon. Talos is a talented and successful young man and helped his nephew Daedalus while he was working in Athens. Talos was inspired by the teeth of the serpent and invented the saw. Daedalus was jealous of this situation and killed his nephew by throwing him from the Acropolis. When his murder was revealed, he exiled the king. He went to the island of Crete in Daedalus. During the time he lived in Grit, he built a dance area for his daughter by order of the king. Meanwhile, from a woman in Crete, she had a son named Icarus. Daedalus has been involved in many events in Crete. Queen Pasiphae asked her to make arrangements to mate with the bull she loved. In King Minos, he asked the queen to make a labyrinth to cover Minotauros, her bull son. After Minotauros was closed, 7 women and 7 men were sacrificed every year. The voice of the Athenian people who are disturbed by this situation, Hero Theseus decides to kill the Minotauros.
Theseus knows how to enter the labyrinth, he doesn’t know how to get out, which is a big problem for him. In this regard, Daedalus suggested using a ball of thread, so Theseus managed to get out of the maze after killing the Minotauros. King Minos, who learned that Daedalus gave theseus his opinion, sentenced his master and son to the labyrinth.

The Escape of Icarus and Daedalus

They themselves fell into the prison they built for a good cause. After a while, it comes to mind to make wings with the species that have been poured from birds. They place the feathers on the wooden system and stick them with beeswax to their arms and backs to make wings. They are ready to escape from the tower. Daedalus flew to his son First, if you fly too high, the sun will melt the wax, if you fly too low, they start to fly after warning that you may fall into the sea, but Icarus forgets to fly balanced as his father said. Icarus flies high, feeling the freedom of flying. Icarus rise As he approaches the sun, Helios, the sun god, perceives this as disrespect to him. The sun’s rays melt the wax and Icalus quickly falls into the sea. Icarus fell somewhere in the Aegean Sea and died by drowning.

Was it his lack of humility that led him to death, or was it his unwarranted courage?

One should have courage to start something, and it should be controlled so that the result is not bad. If Icarus had landed on earth, he would have got angry with himself because he could not satisfy his curiosity and could not be courageous and he would continue his life freely but unhappy.