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Those who eat healthy are the first choice of smoothies that are easy to prepare and taste good. Thanks to its filling properties and being prepared with many fruits and vegetables, the smoothie suits everyone’s taste.
Smoothie is a nutritious cold drink in which fruits and vegetables are prepared by blending many nutritious foods such as yoghurt and flaxseed oats. Although it tastes a bit like fruit juice, its consistency is higher than fruit juice.The only elements that need to pay attention to when making this healthy drink is to use natural sugar.

Green Smoothie

Have you ever tried a smoothie before?

Believe me, we hesitated a little when we first tried it. But when the result was very good, we decided to do it continuously. The fruits and vegetables you put in it do not even taste. Green smoothie gets its consistency from the pulp of vegetables and fruits and its aroma from honey.


3 medium green apples
200 grams of baby spinach
5 grams of fresh ginger
4 tablespoons of yogurt
Half a glass of brewed green tea
1 teaspoon of honey


Wash the spinach in plenty of water. Dry the spinach leaves in the salad dryer. Thinly peel the ginger skins and cut the ginger into small pieces. Wash the apples, divide them into 4 and remove the seeds. Brew green tea in hot water, strain and set aside to cool. Take yogurt, honey, young spinach leaves, ginger pieces and brewed green tea in a blender. Add the apple slices one by one to the blender and grind them in the blender. It should be slightly grainy. AND SMOOTHIE IS READY.