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Renaissance theater

After the Renaissance theater that started in Italy, it has managed to show its influence to the whole world and especially to England. The plays of important figures such as Plautus, Terentius and Seneca are being read again. Renaissance theater, which tries to resemble classical theater in every sense, at first escaped too much normality …


Benefits of Whole Milk Products

You don’t have to give up cheese yet, caught up in the cancer-eliminating properties of veganism. Here are the benefits of whole milk products. Don’t get carried away by reports that swapping dairy products with soy and being vegan can significantly lower your risk of various types of cancer. Although the statistics are impressive, there …


Icarus Legend

Thousands of years ago there were no religions like today. There was no philosophy based on logic. There was mythology, there were legends, and they were spoken word of mouth into a belief system that gave meaning to natural phenomena and shaped daily life. Father Of Icarus: Daedalus The meaning of the name Daedalus means …


Fatih Sultan Mehmet

Although architecture is an area close to art, the most different aspect of painting, literature and sculpture is that you have an employer. Rarely, an architect finds the opportunity to produce without an employer or in an environment where the employer offers him unlimited freedom. I’m not saying right or wrong, that’s the nature of this. When …