You don’t have to give up cheese yet, caught up in the cancer-eliminating properties of veganism. Here are the benefits of whole milk products.

Don’t get carried away by reports that swapping dairy products with soy and being vegan can significantly lower your risk of various types of cancer. Although the statistics are impressive, there are downsides. We’re talking about the disadvantages, except for the obvious question that you will never be able to eat cheese again. It seems that cheese can protect your heart by lowering your risk of cardiovascular disease. The advertised return of fats from dietary exile matures into a nutritional penance story. Let’s add to the recent news that high-fat foods are making your waistline thinner. A state-of-the-art research from America shows that dairy products we are programmed to avoid can pull the hands of diabetes from the sides of our waist.

Indeed, scientists at Tufts University found that people with high amounts of dairy-derived fat in their systems had an extraordinary 46 percent lower risk of type 2 diabetes. You may not be one of the people with diabetes seen in 1 in 11 people worldwide (or you might not be close to joining them), but full-fat dairy products can still benefit you. According to the American Diabetes Association, disease-causing fluctuations in your blood sugar can cause damage to both your heart and blood vessels, increasing your likelihood of stroke or heart disease by 71 percent. However, it has been observed that the fatty acid called trans-palmitoleic acid, found in dairy products, lowers insulin levels, while increasing insulin sensitivity and balancing your blood sugar, enveloping your circulatory system. What is the best source of these comprehensive benefits? Cheese. Slice it please.


Not all fats are created equal. The American Heart Association explains what you will lick and reject. COVER your bread with the monounsaturated fat of peanut butter. By lowering your bad cholesterol and increasing your good cholesterol, it reduces your risk of heart disease and stroke.


The polyunsaturated fats in tofu contain omega-3 and 6 fatty acids that are beneficial for your heart and brain. Another reason for vegans to be cocky.


A little takes you a long time. The saturated fat of coconut oil is good to a point, but contains 20 percent more calories than butter. Don’t let their compliments lead you to ignoring the portion size.


The artificial trans fats in frozen margherita pizza are seen as a trigger for diabetes equivalent to sugar. Consume in consideration of the danger.